Overnight Chocolate Coffee Chia Breakfast Pudding

  • Serving Size2


    • 1/2 c brewed coffee (chilled)
    • 1/2 c full fat canned coconut milk
    • 1 heaping T almond butter
    • 1 tsp vanilla extract
    • 7 drops Liquid stevia or 2 T Xyla
    • 1 T unsweetened cocoa powder
    • 1/4 c chia seeds
    • 20 g of protein from protein powder or collagen powder (brands recommended in grocery tip list)



    Blend brewed coffee, coconut milk, almond butter, vanilla extract, stevia or xyla, and cocoa powder in a blender.


    Place the blended mixture into a resealable large jar (or 2 smaller jars) then add chia seeds. Seal jar and shake.


    Place in refrigerator overnight or for at least 3+ hours.


    Eat up. Breakfast is served.

    Recipe adapted from: www.paleomg.com        

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