Cilantro Lime Chicken Sliders

  • Serving Size3


    For the chicken:

    • 6 chicken thighs, skinless, boneless, cut in half (you will have 12 pieces)
    • ¼ c chopped fresh cilantro
    • 1 lime, juiced
    • 3 T approved oil
    • ½ tsp salt

    For the guacamole:

    • 1¼ c chopped tomatoes (about 3 plum tomatoes)
    • 2 avocados
    • 1 T finely chopped white onion
    • 2 T finely chopped fresh cilantro
    • 2-3 T fresh lime juice
    • ¼ tsp garlic salt
    • ¼ tsp sea salt
    • Fresh ground black pepper, to taste



    Prepare the chicken marinade by whisking together cilantro, lime juice, approved oil, and salt until combined. Add chicken pieces to a medium bowl and pour the marinade over the chicken, coating all around. Cover the bowl and marinate for 30 minutes, refrigerated.


    While the chicken is marinating, prepare the guacamole by combining tomatoes, avocado pulp, onion, cilantro, lime juice, garlic salt, and sea salt in a medium bowl. With a fork or potato masher, mash everything together until chunky consistency. Season with fresh black pepper to taste. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.


    Preheat the grill on medium high and grill the chicken for 3 minutes per side or until no longer pink on the inside.


    Serve immediately. Serves 3 as main dish.

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