LIIT - Low Impact Interval Training with a Sassy Flair!

See what some of our clients have to say:

"I have to say, what I have loved so far is that with me being a busy mom, working FT, finding time to get a workout in was draining. With Fit Chix Groove™ I feel accomplished putting in the 15 min! At first I didn’t really think I would feel a ton—guys I was so sore in my legs and abs after 2 workouts! I came home from work bf my LO got off the bus, didn’t even change into workout clothes and did a session. (Why not right) I love love love the fact that I can squeeze in the workouts in between my busy schedule! I’ve been telling all of my gal pals about it!"
“I just love that these videos are so compact. I am in a super busy season of life right now and have a hard time working out, outside of when I teach, but I can throw in short workouts.”
“The autoimmune diseases I have often leave me stiff and in pain throughout the day. Since starting Fit Chix Groove™️ my flexibility has increased immensely, pain has lessened, and I can now touch my toes with no problem!”
“My college daughter loved doing it with me! She was very impressed.”
“Love that it is so easy to access!! #totalfan #lovethegroove
“I love it. It's so much fun. I don't even mind that I'm sore. It's such a satisfying feeling!”
“I love this and need it!!! Super excited about this!!! It goes so fast!”
“Going into 2019 with some muscle! Loving these nights.”
“First Fit Chix Groove™️ workout done! I did the first two videos and LOVED them!”
“I'm dying....Gonna feel it tomorrow and Saturday! Good work out! Oh by the way, I'm loving the music!”

Yes! You Get it ALL in the Corporate I'm Worth It!...

I’m Worth It!™, Fit Chix Groove™, and The Slim-WAISTed Mama™ Virtual Cooking School

Cancel or Upgrade Anytime

Total Value of $550

Savings of $24

Savings of $58

Low Impact, but High Intensity

The perfect combination of being easy on your joints, while burning fat for 24 hours post workout!

Strength Training with a Sassy Flair

15 minutes of strength building throughout the body plus a sassy flair of dance moves! Can it get any better?!?

Watch it Live or Later

Live Fit Chix Groove On Demand workouts on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 PM CST or watch the replay on our website!

Library of archived Fitness videos

You will also have access to our library of dozens of Interval Training & Yoga videos!

Strength, Groove, and Sass All in One!

Sassy, fun, effective and quick. 15 minutes from beginning to end.