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3 Step System:

This system is designed for progression, ease, and having it ALL laid out for you with plenty of room for individualization depending on your preferences.

You’ll begin with the 28 Day ‘Waist’ Loss RESET and then each week you’ll build activity on to it.

Your activity can be as simple as walking or as intense as our Fit Chix™ videos. The point is to move.

If you are injured, suffer from adrenal fatigue, have chronic health conditions or anything else that might prevent you from vigorous exercise, walking or yoga are great options.

Strength is a very important part of my program and my recommendation. There are always ways to modify but you simply must build strength. Period. Without it you are setting yourself up for injury, premature aging, loss of bone density, increased risk of obesity, etc. It is a non-negotiable for you if you are looking to improve your health.

Also your progression will depend on your goals. If you are looking for weight loss, to lean up, and to become stronger, 3 days will be your minimum for strength training. I have two programs that involve strength training, Fit Chix HIIT™ and Fit Chix Groove™. Both utilize a combination of body weight and dumbells, so you don’t have to have weights but as you get stronger, you’ll want to add it in.

STEP 1 - WEB of Support:

Fill out your Web of Support (click below for instant download)

Before we get started, it is important that you establish where and what kind of support you have in place. This is the person or group of people who will be there to help you, encourage you, and motivate you. Perhaps your only support is those of us online. Make sure we know that so we can be there for you. Filling this out will not only help you see where you support already lies, but will also serve to help you fill in the gaps where your support may be lacking.

STEP 2 - Begin the 28 Day 'WAIST' Loss RESET & Workouts

WEEK 1 – Shop for and begin your 28 Day ‘WAIST’ Loss RESET.

Add 3 days a week of exercise making sure at a minimum 2 are strength-based

-Fit Chix Groove™ (strength)

-Fit Chix HIIT™ (strength)


-Exercise Class

–>Drink 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces of water daily. Add a bit more if you exercise and sweat excessively.

–>Intermittent Fasting: Unless otherwise suggested by your practitioner, try putting at least 12 hours between your dinner and your breakfast.

WEEK 2 – 2nd week of ‘WAIST’ Loss RESET

Add a 4th day a week of exercise making sure 3 are strength-based.

WEEK 3 – 3rd week of ‘WAIST’ Loss RESET

Stay at 4 days a week of exercise making sure 3 are strength-based. Add *NEAT activity each day of the week.

NEAT is any non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It’s time to make sure you are getting in plenty of movement throughout the day that may not fall into the “exercise” category. You can burn up to 800 calories more a day from your NEAT activity than from a 1 hour exercise class done daily. It’s important, it adds up, and quite simply, motion is lotion so will serve to keep the joints healthy.


-10 squats an hour

-10 wall pushes (modified push up) an hour

-Walk to bathroom and back from desk

-Bounce on balls of your feet each hour

-Basically any movement that gets you up and moving each hour of the day.

WEEK 4 – 4th week of ‘WAIST’ Loss RESET

Maintaining your 4 days a week of exercise with 3 being strength-based, and continue NEAT. A 5th day can be added only if it’s not affecting your joints or hormones. Over Exercising causes inflammation, stress, and increases the risk of injury. More is not more. If you are doing any of the Fit Chix™ workouts, you are still burning fat for up to 24 hours post workout…WHOOP!

STEP 3 - Continue with: Recipe Database, another meal plan, or sticking to zones

WEEK 5 & BEYOND If you would still like everything laid out for you, enjoy another meal plan at any time. This is when you can also start building your “plate” (link below) by using the recipe database, and/or referring to your colored zones (link below). The 5 Day RESET is a quick tool to get you back on track at any point after your 28 Day RESET if you find yourself veering off too far.

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