I help women create a better legacy for their loved ones by breaking the cycle of family illness & disease.


Workouts, meal plans, hormone support, better sleep, more energy, it’s all waiting for you here!


I Knew It!…You are READY to create Your Legacy with my Fit Fam Framework designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be…

Phase 1

Foodie Newbie

here is where we will cover all you need to start rocking out your nutrition

Phase 2

Movement Matron

understanding the best way for your body to move it key to life-long health. We’ll show you exactly what to do.

Phase 3

Sleeping Beauty

foundational to your health, we will walk you through how to start sleeping better starting tonight!

Phase 4

Hormone Hottie

Our hormones are ever-changing and we are going to empower you to start supporting them for your best health.

Phase 5

Legacy Leaver

this is where you are headed and we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

You’re Seriously! JUST 5 minutes away from meeting the MOST Amazing community of ladies and my coaches that will be on this journey with us!


Hurry while Enrollment is OPEN only for YOU, our VIP members!

Workouts, meal plans, hormone support, better sleep, more energy, it’s all waiting for you here!

What is Fit Chix ™?

Fit Chix Groove™ is interval training with a sassy flair. A 15 minute low impact, high intensity format that brings amazing results in a short amount of time! Streamed Live so you can join in Real time. Recorded so you can enjoy Anytime.

Fit Chix HIIT™ is a 10 minute high intensity interval training for those who don’t want to sacrifice time for results!

I only open enrollment into my I’m Worth It!™ Fit Fam 2x a year, but I send special VIP invite to those who are on my waitlist like this one…RIGHT NOW!!! 

This is what I do. This is what I focus on with all the amazing women I serve. We create better legacies one step at a time.

Being part of my I’m Worth It!™ Fit Fam will help simplify, guide, and support what you need to take your health OFF of the backburner, creating a healthy legacy for your kids to follow!

Don't Miss Rhonda...

“At first I really didn’t see the need for joining I’m Worth It!, but oh how wrong was I. So much information to help make a lifestyle change. The encouragement and support of all the members have pushed me to keep making better choices every day. My body ached before and I thought I was just aging but I was wrong again. Eating better and exercise has made such a difference. I feel better from the inside out. I love the membership!”

Rhonda Lawrence

And Cathy...

I have never been a part of such a wonderful group as I am now with Lisa Lou Fitness. There is support, prayer, unbelievable yummy meal plans that are easy to prepare. I love cooking again! I have been dedicated since June 3, 2019. Since then I have gone from 184 to 169lbs,5 inches in my waist, and 3 inches in my hips.

I’m feeling better and have more energy. I’m blessed to be a part of this group of amazing ladies. I can’t wait to see my continued results. #legacyleaver 

Cathy Cox


Don’t let Time slip by…JOIN US NOW!

Workouts, meal plans, hormone support, better sleep, more energy, it’s all waiting for you here!

"Over 3 years later and 6 pants sizes smaller, I am still able to maintain a healthy weight while enjoying life and making health a continued priority.  Even when the household income was cut in half for our family of 4, I was able to transform my body and my health by following Lisa's program. This program has taught me how to choose food that Fuels my body, which gives me more energy, healthier hair, skin, and joints, and helps me control my cravings throughout the day. I am healthier and stronger at age 45 than at age 25!"
Robbin Kent

If you can relate to any of these health concerns...

Then let’s work together to balance your hormones, increase your energy, and get your body fit so you can quit worrying and leave a healthy legacy.

Don’t let the Time slip by…JOIN US NOW!

Workouts, meal plans, hormone support, better sleep, more energy, it’s all waiting for you here!

Simplify your life by...


I created this program because I saw women, over decades, struggling with the same problems:

Let’s Do This!

Because You Are Worth It!

Start for $37 a month


Hurry! We CAN’T Wait To Meet YOU!

Here’s what more Ladies are saying about My Program!

"I love the menus that Lisa puts together. The work is already done for you. So it makes it super simple! It's amazing that simple ingredients taste so awesome. Eating healthy is not a bummer! And I love that!"
Cathy Helms
"When I first started, about one month ago, I couldn't even do a push up. Now, I can actually do a full push up in the knees down position. This is a huge improvement for me given the frozen shoulder I have dealt with over the last several years. I'm so thankful for this resource and how convenient the 15 minute workout is, whether I do it in live time or with the recordings. Here's to getting fit! "
Dian Prestwich
"Finding Lisa Lou Fitness™ and her Fit Chix™ program has been a major impact on my health and wellness. I have learned so much about eating better and improving my strength through movement and exercise. For anyone interested in a lifestyle change with a positive role model, I would highly recommend any of her wellness programs-depending on your personal needs. I have more energy than I have had in years."
Rayann Bernard
"In 11 months I've lost 82 pounds, 12 inches from my waist and 9 inches from my hips. Lisa's meal plans are fantastic and easy to do. The encouragement and support are such a blessing!"
Sandy DeFatta
"I don't think my looks have changed drastically since starting Lisa Lou Fitness™, but my BODY sure has! I can tell in my energy, my muscle tone and my ability to do things I never would have thought possible (ie: pushups on a paddle board!) My 12 yr old son has benefited by losing 20 lbs! He has worked really hard to eat healthy and workout. He follows along on some of Lisa's routines with me, but mostly learns correct form from her, then does "his own guy thing." His favorite food so far has been discovering healthy desserts like Snickerdoodles and Paleo Banana Bread. Having those options have really helped him make wise choices when a sweet craving hits!"
Shilo Carlson
"The wealth of knowledge that I have gained from the I'm Worth It!™ program has allowed me to gain control of my health. The autoimmune diseases I have often leave me stiff and in pain throughout the day. Since starting Fit Chix Groove™️ my flexibility has increased immensely, pain has lessened, and I can now touch my toes with no problem!"
Kristy Cremeans
"This has given me the knowledge I needed to make better choices on what I eat, as well as proper portion sizes, but it has also put me in contact with some of the most amazing women I have ever known. We are there for each other as a support system! Food no longer has the power over me it once had. I eat to live, I no longer live to eat!"
Megan McEntee