Master Food Label Training

What are you REALLY Eating?

Food label marketing has gotten smart. It’s time we got smarter!


With easy instruction and follow along material, you’ll be able to take control, and even have your kids get in on the fun of learning. Yep, it’s laid out that simply!


You’ll never have to fall victim to misleading packages again. Let’s unveil the mystery once and for all gain the advantage in the grocery store, making us super heroes in the kitchen!


In this easy-to-follow 4-module training, I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Video instruction
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Cheat sheets
  • Step by step worksheets


We’ve taken the mystery out, simplified the process, and made it accessible enough that your children could follow right along and learn with you.


We know that everything is pulling at your time right now, but the fact that you are here now means you know, at some point, you’ve got to acquire the skills to make better decisions at the grocery store.


We are busy moms, too and totally get it. That’s why we’ve streamlined this training so you can take it in small pieces, as quickly or slowly as you’d like. No time limits. You set the pace.


The 4 modules are going to give you all the basics so you can take control of you and your family’s health. Forever.


We built this training straight from an incredibly successful challenge we held earlier this year. Here is some of what people had to say:

Thank you! I so enjoyed it! Looking forward to learning so much more! A. Findley

This has definitely been so helpful! B. Mongold

You are so easy to understand and explain it so well! Thank you so much! S. Toles

Thank you for doing this, Lisa. It was so informative! J. Kimbler

This has been great! Thank you! A. Raines

I can tell it’s your passion. Thanks so much for doing this! H. Servello

This was very informative! I appreciate you! D. McIntyre

Thank you, thank you, thank you! S. Jensen

Ready to learn all you need to know when it comes to reading food labels?!? You'll walk away at the end of this course with the know-how to make healthy choices for you and your family!

Did you know that just because the front of the package says gluten-free that it isn’t always your healthiest option?

You have to get smarter than the marketing companies. I will help you navigate the ingredients list and what they really mean. Get Instant Access by signing up TODAY!

You’ve Got this Mama!

Lisa Arendell