Downloadable Resources

Printable Resources

Downloadable Tracking Sheets:

Exercise Planning Worksheet

To help you make time and schedule your exercise into your weekly routine.

Menu Planning Worksheet

To help you plan out your meals for a successful week.

Measurement Tracker

To help you track your progress in inches throughout your health journey.

Recipe Database for IMW

Recipe Database

Gluten Free – Sugar Free – Grain Free – Soy Free

Recipe Categories

Main Courses

You'll find recipes the Whole Family will Love from Chicken, Beef, Fish, and Turkey!!!

Side Dishes

Veggies that will spice up your tastebuds and the family will ask for seconds!


Guiltless Treats for the sweet tooth that many of us have! These treats will let you enjoy the taste, but not have the crash!

Our Family Favorites!!!

Sheet Pan Chicken

The whole family will ask for seconds! An Amazing dish with Amazing flavor! (click on the image to grab this recipe now!)

Chocolate Fudge Pie

They won’t believe it’s healthy unless you tell them! Husband and kid approved! (click on the image to grab this recipe now!)

Turkey Italian Meatballs

Easy to prep for now or later for a snack or dinner! So simple, but so flavorful! (click on the image to grab this recipe now!)

Total Body Videos

Total Body Fit Chix HIIT™ Videos

Here you’ll get it all! Compound exercises mean you are working several body parts at once! A great way to knock out an entire body workout in just a little bit of time! Shoot for one ten minute video if you’re short on time or double up on the same one or 2-3 different ones if you want to get some extra work in!

Abs Videos

Abs Fit Chix HIIT™ Videos

Welcome to one of the most popular areas on the body to work, the abs! So important on these videos that you feel absolutely no pressure or pain in your back, that your belly button is pulled in tight (which I’ll remind you often) which protects your lower back, and that you modify where needed! Please ask any questions you have on the Fit Chix Groove™ On Demand FB group!

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Lisa Lou Fitness Recommended Products

Fit365 Shake

Set yourself up for success with our top pick for protein shakes and greens!

Fit 365: FIT 365® brings a new class of all-natural meal replacement to the market scientifically formulated to promote body fat loss, lean muscle gain, high energy, and immune system enhancement. I highly recommend this protein shake.
After 25 years and untold number of shakes consumed, I can say this is one of the best tasting and most beneficial.

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Boost Total Body Health. Delicious Taste. Superfoods in One Drink.

Ashwagandha, turmeric, moringa, spirulina, mint, chlorella, beets, matcha green tea, wheatgrass, lemon, coconut water, and monk fruit. The benefits include: helps balance hormones, helps improve sleep, helps heal the gut, has anti-aging
and anti-inflammatory benefits, can help increase energy and stamina, helps balance adrenals and thyroid function, and
so much more!

Use the code LisaLou19 to get 15% off your order at checkout! (discount code is case sensitive)

Designs for Health

We offer research-backed nutritional products from Designs For Health, a top choice among many functional health care practitioners.

These supplements are not medications and are not intended to treat illnesses. Please seek the assistance of your health care provider when adding anything new to your supplemental regimen. It is always a good idea to get blood work before and during supplementing vitamins to ensure you are receiving appropriate amounts.

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Disclaimer: Although I am a Certified Nutrition Coach and a Certified Personal Trainer, I am not a licensed dietician, medical doctor, or practitioner of traditional medicine. I am not licensed to counsel in medical matters, nor do I attempt to treat disease in any way. I may not be held responsible for any course of action you choose to apply to heal yourself or your family members. Please understand that I am sharing the results of over 25 years of my studies and my own personal journey to wellness, and that of the many clients I’ve helped over the years.

Lower Body Videos

Lower Body Fit Chix HIIT™ Videos

I love love love lower body work! If we want muscles that will help us with everyday tasks throughout the course of our lives, we simply must have a strong base! As with any area that is getting targeted work, make sure to give your body 2-3 days between videos to let that body part rest and recovery before hitting it again! You got this! Holler on the Fit Chix Groove™ On Demand FB page with any questions and be sure to post your swelfies!!!

Upper Body Videos

Upper Body Fit Chix HIIT™ Videos

Who doesn’t want beautiful, strong arms?! I encourage you to get some 5 and 10 pound weights to begin with and then get some 15’s as soon as that becomes easy! Adding weight to some of these arm videos is going to give you some amazing results! But if you’re not there, yet, that’s ok! Just contract those muscles with every movement and get some weights as soon as you are able!