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The Slim-WAISTed Mama™ Virtual Cooking School

Pump up the jam in your kitchen with this value-packed cooking school!

These amazing resources are loaded with easy-to-cook recipes, designed to make you seem like the master chef you’ve always wanted to be!

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Create healthy meals your whole family will Love!

Here's what's included in your
Slim-WAISTed Mama™ cooking school!

Videos & Recipes

You will find recipes in all 5 of these categories...

Kitchen Hacks

Best Products, Ingredients, and Gadgets

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The online cooking classes are great because there is no question of whether you are following the recipe correctly! The videos are concise and Lisa offers great tips in each of them which is great for this busy mama! It makes me excited about cooking again!
- Taffi Moore
No one wants to eat broiled chicken and raw spinach all the time. The typical “eating healthy” idea that most people have is that it’s torture and I feel like we are eating at a restaurant every night! Thank you!
- Kim Davilla
I'm a visual learner. The multiple resource approach Lisa Arendell has offered, through her recipes and videos, gives me confidence I can recreate this meals with consistency and success.
- Cheryl Floyd
I just made the Power Protein Balls. I can't wait to try them out! Tomorrow I am making Zucchini Turkey Bacon Burgers for lunch and Easy Homestyle Meatloaf for dinner. I also can't wait to try the Chunky Avocado Chicken salad. Maybe on Sunday! I finally had so time to dig into this and I'm so excited about these Cooking class recipes!
- Angel Bell

That's the power of one stop resources at your fingertips

The magic of delicious, healthy meals

You may feel stressed because you want to make ALL the healthy food but you’re also in survival mode and just trying to keep the keep the kids alive (am I right?) which seems more important.

BUT, is there anything more important than setting your family up for success by insuring they have wholesome food that will help lay a foundation helping them dominate their health both now and in the future?

How much stress would it relieve to know you were able to provide healthy, yummy, family-friendly, easy-to-prepare recipes without the hassle of endless time searching for ones that are both healthy AND tasty?

My team and I spent MANY months creating, combining, researching, filming, and getting honest feedback on these recipes in order to save you time, effort, energy, and money!

Grab your Virtual Cooking School Now!

What you get:

Videos & Recipes

So you can have step by step tutorials and so much more, making you the master chef you were destined to be

Kitchen Hacks

So you can have a quick reference to tips and tricks in the kitchen at your fingertips

Best Products, Ingredients, and Gadgets

So you can save time searching for taste and quality to serve your family

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